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September 03, 2018


We have nothing further.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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"Cattle that escaped from an overturned trailer and fled into a drive-thru McDonald's have been rounded up."

...in contrast to the time some cows escaped to White Castle, where they were squared away.

Looks like an ad for Chick-fil-A!

5* Snork @ AmoebaStampede!

Thanks, Le Petomane; I'll buy you a Happy Moo™.

Mold has a growing population.
At least in the back of my fridge.

It was either a Bovine Lives Matter protest, or a publicity ploy by McDonalds to promote their "!00% Fresh Beef" campaign.

You have to appreciate it when the entrees deliver themselves. The

I make a habit to steer clear of Micky D's.

Where amidst all this "Chaos" is Sarah Peller?

(I know. Wrong chain, also.)

Next on the Wonderful World of Disney: Lemming Cows of Wales! Followed by Cow Whales of Lemming!

@ FredKey---Great idea for a series; Lemming Cows of Europe from the Disney Company, sponsored by Armour Packing Company.

At least they didn't kowtow to the cows.

The cattle in the walk in fridge will be playing at Cow-Chilla next year.

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