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September 30, 2018


Because there was no actual weaponry involved.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The car is the weapon, so it could be Florida Man on the road.

Meds STAT.

I don't care if someone does try to run me off the road, I'm not going to fight them with my car, I'm just going to go home and take it out on my liver like a normal person.

Best. Line. Ever.

One jeep shot deserves another.

Judi, if two idiots are diving vehicles--the vehicles have been weaponized!

Do you know how many cases of vehicular homicide....????

This blog make me appreciate just how many of us handle road rage like normal people. Besides, the liver is evil, it deserves to be punished.

My theory has always been that all cars should have big rubber bumpers like amusement park bumper cars. Think of all the fender benders that would be avoided. Just bounce off, give that smile and wave and move on. No harm.
You wouldn't even need to own a car. The government could provide pools of them at Central locations. You need one, jump in. Drive it till you're done with your errands. Leave it for the next person.
Of course, I'd always end up with the one that just goes in circles, and I'd have to wait for an attendant to come help me.

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