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September 03, 2018


Happy Labor Day.

(Thanks to Fred Preller)


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So I'm still at the behest of the walk light. That makes me cross.


Back in shrink school one psychological test was to put someone in a room that had a big red button on the wall. They were seated at a table, then the tester would make some excuse to leave the room. We watched through a one-way mirror. The subject would get fidgety and look several times at the red button before pushing it without a clue what it would do. Most anybody will push a button just to see what it will do.
I always hoped none of them went to work at the Pentagon.

These kinds of head games really push my buttons!


Having been born an Aries (ruled by Mars, the God of "You talkin' to ME?"), I can attest to the fact that useless buttons are less of a soothing placebo to me than an outlet for my inborn impatience and a target for obscene language. Yes, I am the jerk who will plunge my finger into a doorbell and attempt to amplify it to the level of a tornado warning device if the person does not open the door immediately.

However, I am told I have other fine qualities...such as wishing my fellow Blogophyte working stiffs a Happy Labor Day!

" Wait ! ".... " Wait ! "..... " Wait ! " ...... " Ok, a car's coming now. Go ahead. "

Happy Labor Day to everyone!
K, I'm guilty of the same things. I always press the "door close" buttons on elevators and sometimes, if people don't answer the door quickly enough, I'll knock while I'm ringing the bell. I don't have many friends left now because of this.

I prefer this button:


Happy Labor Day. I labored on Labor Day.

I installed over 200 placebo thermostats in an Orlando Florida cubicle farm populated by accountants, engineers, and Chemists....

Nice one, Mike Smith. I prefer this button...

Nice try, Allen. Luckily, I've learned the hard way that it's best to use the MUTE button before visiting any links on this blog.
(Ear bleach) Crisis avoided.

And I thought that rule only applied at the voting booth!

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