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September 10, 2018


In a hot tub.

(Thanks to Ralph K., Wolverine, and Al B.)

In a hammock.

(Thanks to Kevin S.)

In a garage.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

In a river where they belong.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Note: If these were posted before, sue fire me.


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But no one has a photo of the Bears in the 4th quarter last night..

Trucker 1: Breaker 1-9, we got a bear in Queen City chowing on some donuts.
pauseTrucker 2: Isn't that what bears do everywhere?

I love the hammock bear. Just hanging around.

I hope the bears ate the people who filmed in portrait mode.

Flathead Beacon has this addition

Snork at JG

What's news about bare in a river or hot---Oh, never mind.

Thank you for not posting a photo of a bear...doing what bears do in the woods.

What...? Someone e-mailed all the bears ?

Uhm, one is in the backyard of a friend in Colorado as I type.

It looks cute.

As a bear hunter, this explains why I never catch any. I've been looking in the wrong places. I will start monitoring the jacuzzi much more closely and guarding my margaritas.

"A homeowner in southern California spotted a bear taking a dip in his hot tub while in the backyard with his wife."
I don't see the bear's wife

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