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September 19, 2018


...you ready?



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Shiver me timbers! Can't believe I forgot, when it is always two days after my wife's birthday.

I deserve to be keelhauled. Arrr!!

Here be a riddle for ye:

"What be a pirate's favorite letter?"

"R," says ye?

"Nae," says I, "A pirate's more fond of the C..."

Off with ye now, and be lively.

Davie, me boy, ye be my favorite writer, as it were. Arrr.

I think, therefore I arrr

Pirate's favorite programming language? R!

(soRRRy... that's all I've got....Arrr!)

And a blessed and sacred Yom Kippurrrrrrr to all ye of the People, wherever ye arrrrrrre.

Ahoy, me hearties! I've been ready for a week. I have a special signature block for me email that I use the week prior. I have generated pirate names fer all me crew mates in the cube faRRRm and taped them up yesterday afternoon. My cube wall is decorated with Dave's column pinned onto a special pirate quilt square that a past co-worker made for me because I have celebrated this date since it began. Gold and silver foiled chocolate dubloons are being given out to me mateys. I called me local radio host - on WRR, of course - and wished him a happy Pirate's Day.

Lamentin' that Krispy Kreme no longer paRRRticipates like they used to. Avast!

ARRRRR! Now on to scrubbing the poop deck at work.

What car does a pirate drive on shore leave? A YaRRRis.

Steve (The 24 Guy) .. I thought that would be C.

As a sidenote, on THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR, a pirate defeated a medevil knight.

"READY"? Does Penn have ants? ☠

Don't farrrrrrget yer free Deep-Fried Twinkie at Long John Silver's! Haaarrrrden them arrrrteries, mateys!

Aye, maties, I be ready to don me eye patch, buckle me swash, and hoist me parakeet onto me shoulder and seek adventure and booty when I boards the H.M.S. Target, and plunders her of groceries and personal care items with me debit card! Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of Snapple!

Q: Of which concept shared by Jungian psychology and Northrop Frye’s literary theory are pirates especially fond?

A: ARRRchetype.

I can't speak "pirate" so I'll just be the buxom wench.

History Lessen.

Here in New Mexico we have a severe shortage of pirates. However, on a dark and stormy night in some larger cities, as you walk past an alleyway, you can often hear someone say ARRRRgggg!

Le Petomane will celebrate by toasting buxom wench with Mexican grog.

Don't forget the tale of Blackbeard

For nursecindy: https://youtu.be/-LWanV_Vg_A?t=31m12s

Buxom Wench - Would be a great name for a pirate ship!

"The Ladies' were Black Stache's secret weapon."
from Peter and the Starcatchers by our dear Blog

I think there should be Talk Like the Lone Ranger Day. And by "the Lone Ranger" I mean, of course, Clayton Moore. Everytime I see one of the old episodes I want to talk like him all day long.

Are pirates more interested it booty or bounty?

(Hint: It's not the paper towel!)

"Arrr! Clean up that mess, and be quick about it!"--overhead at LJSilvers, a fishy place.

Dave we are very worried about you and you are in our prayers. Love, Maryann and John

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