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September 15, 2018


Florida man ventures out to face off with the storm.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie, and w)


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I'm sure nursecindy will have a pithy comment...assuming her power stays on (which, so far, it has).

Let me anticipate: Moron.

Or, as George Thorogood would say:
Get a haircut and get a real job.

All well and good... until the wind rips off your underpants.

I've heard that 85mph sand can act as an abrasive.

If Hurricane Florence blows Florida Man up here I'm going to let him have it. He's almost as smart as the woman that said she wasn't going to evacuate because she didn't want to be late for her shift at Family Dollar on Monday! She was also in Myrtle Beach and her baby is due in two weeks. They finally did get her to a shelter.

The reporters were keen to point out that Florida Man was shirtless, but no one mentioned that he was also brainless.

I can't wait for next summer when we can all meet at Myrtle Cove (formally known as Myrtle Beach).

Sorry if it's too early for Hurricane humor.

"You call this a storm?!" Lt. Dan.

Bless you, Florida Man. While others flee in the face of certain death, you in your Hanes tagless briefs, wielding nothing but Old Glory, challenge Mother Nature herself to a shouting match to the death. We'll use the leftover GoFundMe money to plant a small fern in your honor. [sniff]

Goof vs. Nature

In case of death, does a "GoFundMe" become a "GoBury Me"?

WTF is in the water in FL?

Grew lean as he assailed the seasons

Does he do blizzards, too?

The danger has already been detailed by the eminent scholar, Professor Ronald White, to wit: "It is not that the wind *is* blowin'...it's *what* the wind is blowin'."


I saw Flowing Ginger Mane open for the Go-Go's. They were chicks, though.

It's not nice to fight Mother Nature. She will ALWAYS win!

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