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September 10, 2018


Here is your obligatory joke about the rats in Washington.

(Thanks to DaninDallas and funny man)


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Rats have SOME standards

Is this the rat in the White House that Trump is trying to uncover?

I had a suspicious mole once. Does that count?

@PB - What’s the difference between a suspicious mole and a paranoid mole?

A suspicious mole thinks his spouse is cheating on him with a neighbor.
A paranoid mole thinks that she is out to kill him in collusion with the neighbor with whom she is cheating.

Person at reference desk: Excuse me, where are the books on paranoia?
Librarian (whispering): They are right behind you
Second librarian — points silently

NMUA--Nice. I'm stealing that one.

I blame the squirrels. Everyone know squirrels are just rats with fancy tails.

I saw the Washington Rats open for The Senators at Eagle Bank Arena.

Par. All the Rats of Washington (evolution of Housewives) really know what to do is frantically pull alarms. It's a Cap Hill blood sport.

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