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September 23, 2018


A bar in Ohio has lost its liquor license after undercover agents said they were able to purchase drugs and lap dances using food stamps...Sharkey's... has been under investigation since May of 2017.

(Thanks to Stixnstonz)


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Wait, this is wrong?

Beer isn't considered a food group?

One of the charges was "aggravated shipment and distribution of heroin."
How do you aggravate a shipment. Poke a stick at it or what?

Well, the bar wouldn't accept S&H Green stamps, so what were the patrons to do?

The cops have to be absolutely certain before the lay serious charges like this. The first dozen visits may have just be a coincidence.

Hey, poor people deserve their perversion and vice just like everyone else...and goobernment workers.

Lapp dancers have to make a living somewhere.


In other news, this story's news site's call letters are CPO and the bar is Sharkey's. I hope the lapdancers aren't too old and rickled for anyone to give a puck.

AmoebaStampede - Good catch! And then the investigator dropped his pants and fired a rocket...

I'm guessing the drugs made the lap dances more memorable forgetable?

That is, you order 3 and get 6 and pay for 9?

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