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September 17, 2018


...are on their way to Montgomery County.

(Thanks to Marc M. and wanderer2575)


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Hey, it was HOT out, and this was quick cool-down

They didn't even mention the one and a half gainer with a full twist that they executed on the way into the pool

This was a parking practice session. Wonder if they put the parking break on ?

(On which they were coached by our own Louis Horvath, renowned expert in automotive tumbling.)

From a WaPo article - the two occupants were 50 to 60 years of age. Neither one was a licensed driving instructor or U-boat captain.

Only a 6.5 from the Bulgarian judge??? They wuz robbed!!!

I'm impressed they got to the middle of the pool.

They couldn't do that here right now. All of our pools are full of lawn furniture that we threw in before Hurricane Florence hit.

If I was them, I would keep that folded-up $100 bill handy to slip to the test dude/dudette at the DMV.

You can read more about how the car ended up in the public swimming pool here.

I hate it when I leave the windows down.

They called AAA for a tow because the engine was flooded.

Driving lesson? Oh, I thought you said "diving" lesson.

nursecindy, how are you doing down there? Glad to see you on the blog today; must mean things aren't too terribly bad.

I heard nursecindy gave Florence a good >smack!<

Two questions: 1-Why were they driving anywhere near a pool, and 2-Who else's error would it have been besides the driver's? Maybe the pool company's?

Answer 1) Because the community pool was probably closed for the season, at least during the week, and had a nice big parking lot to drive in. Answer 2) The community center should have known that someone would drive through the fence into the pool area. They should have had a stronger fence.

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