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September 14, 2018


Remember, Taco Bell was voted the best... best Mexi ... no, we still can't say it.


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How much Spanish do you need to know to say "Taco"? Or, "el numero uno por favor"? Since this employee is no longer there I guess the manager said, "estas despedido" or escorted them to the door.
I speak a little Spanish but it doesn't do me much good since I have a rather strong Southern accent. In other words, I sound like a Spanish redneck.

And South of the Border (Pedro's) was voted the most influential museum of Mexican culture.

Like nursecindy, I speak enough Spanish to get into trouble, but not enough to get out of trouble. To complicate matters there is correct Spanish,and slang (border) Spanish.
But we can simplify it when it comes to Taco Bell. You can pronounce Yay-vay-say-lo (Take it away)or NO!, which means the same thing in many.languages
The most useful Spanish phrase is. "Uno mas cerveza, por favor."

Who was this little b!tch kidding, "No Ingles"? Yeah, right. I don't care if it was Hialeah or San Juan or Washington Heights or whatever. She is going to call the police? Go ahead, call. I would have turned the engine off and sat there until she called them or took my order. Then when the police came, they could check if she was from Hialeah or someplace a few hundred miles south. This kind of bullsh!t burns my butt, no matter what ethnic group is playing the game.

Homey don't play that, hon.

The only words I know in Spanish are from the movies, so... maybe they wouldn't like to hear them.

Old saying:
"I'm American, I only speak two languages, English and bad English!"

*Hands Jeff a cup of Camomile tea and a Xanax*

"Yo quiero tres tacos and three shots of your cheapest tequila, por favor" - it worked for me in Mexico.

We go to the local TB for fourth meal and a show

This time the show got a little out of hand

Thanks, Cindy. I needed that.

The former employee's name tag read:

Kay Mala

Remember future history: Taco Bell won the restaurant wars. Now every restaurant is Taco Bell. Demolition Man.

Makes about as much sense as "This is Hialeah, and so we can only take your order if you're a racehorse."

Then again, with all those persistent rumors about TB's meat sources, it's possible that a few also-rans have made it into the Beef Burritos...

Shades of 'Soup NAzi'! "No TACOS FOR you!"

Manager: "THIS IS HIALEAH!!!" (kicking the customer into a bottomless pit).

It was almost 20 years ago that a chihuahua dog was teaching us how to order in Spanish. Perhaps it is time for a refresher course.

Is that like "It's... Chinatown"?

As a former TBEM (Taco Bell Employee of the Month. July 1977) this never happened on my shift. Sometimes we had trouble communicating with the drunks late at night, but we were respectful !

“A gift card is not gonna just solve the problem, it’s not gonna give me justice,” she said.

What will give "justice" if a $100 gift card plus firing the employee involved isn't enough? Does she need a million-dollar payout for the pain and suffering of not being able to order tacos?

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