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August 17, 2018


City urges a break from sex to fight heat wave

(Thanks to DaninDallas, Le Petomane and Bob Brogan, who says "How about indoor sex?")


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This sounds like the start of a romance novel.
Rolando pulled Veronica close to him. Their bodies were hot and sweat dripped from their brows.
"Carissima, we must stop!" panted Rolando. "It is much too hot and our health secretary says we shouldn't."
Veronica replied, "But Rolando it is not that hot!"
Rolando looked deep in her eyes and said, "It must be hot. I just spoke Italian and I don't even know where Italy is!"

I fell a slight palpitation reading the comments.

Global warming sucks. Just not during the day, folks

I think NC has hit on a second career. Maybe Jeff M. can be the shirtless hunk on her first novel.

Nurse Cindy certainly has romance novel writing pegged. Now that MST3K is back, the robots can add appropriate comments on the movie.

Bravo, nursecindy!!

Nurse, former cheerleader, can do the splits, AND writes erotica?

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