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August 24, 2018


Crocodiles using tools.

(Thanks to elseabs)


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Soon they'll be selling various types of insurance.

But as a wise man once said, beware, it's a croc!

Was he holding a little margarita? I'm going to take their word for it that crocodiles are shy.
I also want to thank Judi for posting. I was afraid I was going to have to go get a job while Dave is away.

Sorry for the job scare, Cindy. I was visiting my daughter who didn't have internet access in her new house yet! Plus I was probably fired.

The croc was on his way to Harbor Freight to pick up a set of Allen wrenches...oh, and to eat the checkout clerks.

No worries, Judi, we Blogophytes have officially un-fired you for the duration.

What concerned me was what happened to the person who was using the yellow flotation noodle before the crocodile showed up.

LeP, I think we know what happened to the tourist who decided to cool off in a Florida Canal.

Earlier the crocodile ate a Happy Meal. Now he's playing with the toy.

The meal was not that happy, Marc.

Could've been worse. They might've discovered a pool noodle wearing crocs.

If you say a croc has a yellow pool noodle, you better be ready for a fight.

Now, see, here I thought crocs were amphibians who knew how to swim and mostly lived in the water.
The things you learn around here.

I did not know that Florida had crocs. The gators get all the press.

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