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August 24, 2018


If you're feeling glum, IBM wants a circling coffee drone to sense this and then fly hot drinks at you.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Any chance they're developing another drone that can deliver doughnuts too?

I'd rather it dump it on the person making me feel glum.

But I thought that was the job description of the ideal barista at those coffee houses?

I'd like to invent an attack drone that senses when it needs to smack the kid at Dunkin who starts mopping over my shoes just before closing time.

Yea, nothing makes me feel better than swatting away a 'hot coffee drone'.

When they invent a drone that delivers beer and pizzas, then I'll be impressed.

Deja vu, Sinatra sang about being glum and IBM in 1959. Too bad no one gave him some coffee.

Offer Glum a hot drink too. It's only fair.

I'd rather target the person who's excessively cheerful.
At least, until I get my coffee...

Irish Whiskey drones can’t be far behind. They’ll be the ones bobbing and weaving a bit as they hand off the goodies.

Feeling Glum opened for It's a Beautiful Day. The contrast worked!

I'm with Lakedog and Le Pet. Wrong drink to deliver.

I sent this to my friend in Buffalo, and he is ready to buy one now.

Scalding spills and I smell a lawsuit brewing.

What about a drone, or a fleet of drones, that drops poop on politicians?

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