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August 10, 2018


Woman branded "disgusting" after being filmed drinking beer through dead FISH

(Thanks to John Lobert and Stixnstonz, who says " Given the choice, I'll stay thirsty, my friends.")


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Well, they banned straws in Seattle, so...

People will pay 30 bucks at an ultrahip nightclub for that.

If she was drinking Budweiser Lite through that dead fish, I just hope she gets a room in the mental hospital with a view.

She drinks like a fish

through a fish.

It's a lot easier than drinking beer through a live fish.

I'm thinking that if she was branded "disgusting" it is a sign that "truth-in-advertising" laws are working.

Give a Woman a Fish, and You Feed Her for a Day.

Teach a Woman To Drink From a Dead Fish, and You Have a Woman Who will Never have a Date for a Lifetime.

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