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August 01, 2018


Apparently yesterday was National Orgasm Day.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Speedy Semen opened well ahead of The Beach Boys.

I watched Big Bang Theory. Does that count?

Was Meg Ryan the official celebrity spokeswoman?

I think it was comedian Jim Jeffries who postulated that since sperm travel at 28 mph, if Usain Bolt had an orgasm at a full sprint, would anything happen?

I celebrated prematurely on Monday.

Dang, I missed it. Do I have to wait a year to try again?

Snork at Skeeter!

They got me coming and going.

It was originally known as, "National Orgasm Awareness Day", but the committee in charge of "National Redundancy Awareness Day" petitioned for the name change....

The only day you fly your flag at full staff for 90 seconds, then drop to half staff.

I'm tired of celebrating this holiday alone.

Oh yes, yes, yes, I celebrated responsibly!

Unfortunately, due to the Durex recall, this year's celebration was a bust.

@nursecindy - it would be anticlimactic if someone would scream— yep, yep, OK...

Yesterday, at work, I got off early...

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