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August 31, 2018


"Baltimore drivers are the worst"

(Thanks to Wolverine)


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YEA BABY! We're the WORST!!!!
(Sometimes you just have to take what you can get)

Worse than Boston? Surely you jest.

The era of robot drivers operating on Tinysoft software can't come soon enough.

I have never driven East of Chicago, but if Baltimore (or Boston) drivers are worse than driving in Mexican border towns on a Holiday weekend, Y'all deserve an award each year for staying alive and still having a drivers license.

Evidently I've never driven in the part of K.C. that was the "best". A cemetery on Christmas?

The first time I visited Boston, I was thrilled to make it to NYC, where the drivers were only 99% insane. Then I married a Bostonian and we moved to Prince George's County, not far from Baltimore. The drivers in PG are worse than those in Baltimore, Boston, or New York. (I am still convinced that Boston drivers are all in the pay of the funeral industry.)

That's nuts. I just drove to Baltimore a few days ago to get on a cruise ship. People actually let me change lanes when I used my turn signal.

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