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August 09, 2018


Mutant eight-kilogramme potato that has grown into the shape of a human foot

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "I’m fairly certain I saw Mutant Eight-Kilogramme Potato open for Mott the Hoople.")


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Obviously, it grew so large because it got off on the right foot.

Sold by the pound, by the foot, or by the foot-pound?

The Donner party would have known what to do with that.

A good spudiatrist could take care of that extra toe.

Potato and bunions.

We're gonna need more eggs to go with those hash browns.

Mr. Ciquinel looks much prouder than Mrs. Ciquinel.

The mutant was just looking for a comfortable and entertaining shoe!

OMG! Six toes! Could it be a cancerous growth?

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