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August 10, 2018


Septic truck dives into backyard pool

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, Jon Harris, John Lobert and Le Petomane, who says "Hello, Farmers Insurance? I bet you haven't seen this before.")


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May be better than diving into backyard poo, but not much.

"Pool of Poo? Seen it. Covered it.

We. are. Farmers."

Buy extra chlorine

I suppose the article could use some help from some of the new gender neutral pronouns that are available to us now. I just can't remember what zey are.

We're gonna need a lot more pool shock.

"Poo Pool. Seen it. Covered it." Farmers Insurance

The Canadian judge gave him a 3.6 for the dive.

Septic truck dives into poo-l ♫
Doo, doo .. doo doo 💩

If the truck is septic, will we have to cut it off in order to save it?

I once was told my leg was septic, and those were the options. (But then I heeled and did not heed those options.)

The truck should have this: HAZARDOUS: POO material on the broadside.

Now they have an emergency backup cesspool.

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