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August 29, 2018


"Police said it was the biggest sting operation ever." 

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, jon harris, Art K., and Le Petomane for the quote.)


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Bee 'vacuumer' is better than bee sucker.

Bees are highly attracted to the color yellow. For this reason, I do not wear yellow during spring, summer, or autumn. Or pretty much any time I will be outdoors. I have a pollinator garden next to my driveway. Normally, they will flat out ignore me when I get in or out of my car, but if I wear yellow, they get too close for my comfort to check me out.

"To Bee, or not to Bee, that is the question" Hot Dog stand owner questioning if he should shut down for a while....

As if walking in Times Square was not enough of a hassle for New Yorkers, what with the tourists and these guys. WARNING - NSFW.

Today only! Hot dogs half price.
I've had trouble this year with wasps building their nests on my front porch. I wonder if the bee vacuumer makes house calls this far south?

Yellow umbrellas, T-shirts and shawls just became great mother-in-law gifts. One can learn SO much from this blog!

I'm gonna miss Le Petomane when he goes to prison.

Orange is not as effective as yellow.

@nursecindy - When?!?!

I'm convinced the prison bars are the major contributing factor to his ever-increasing satirical cleverness.

"Best New York HOT GOG"?

Do they also have MAGOG on the menu?


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