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August 01, 2018


The samples at Costco were free. Two men in their 70s got into a fight over them, SC police say

Hey, it was free cheese.

(Thanks to Todd Lawson and Roberto)


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I see the gentlemen not that much north of my age lining up early at the local Sam's on Saturday for samples. I stay well clear of their path to samples.

They will shiv you

Don't dare interfere with their Bingo game.

Creepy old danger to society gets tracked down. S.W.A.T. not needed.

Costco: Chuck E. Cheese's for geezers.

Cheeseburgers? Seriously? I've never been to a Costco that gives you samples of cheeseburgers. We do get some pretty pushy people - and not all of them seniors by any means - at our Costco. Overall, I'd say the one we go to in Florida has a lot better samples (like cheesecake) than our local here in Brooklyn.

It's not just at Costco. I've seen this happen at the Post Office too.

Moral: Don't cut the cheese line.

Reminds me of Huey Long quote I think: "If you're not getting something for nothing...you're not getting your fair share."

Proving once again that cheese is the inevitable source of civil strife in America.

Marc - they hand out government cheese samples at your Post Office?

I would say these septuagenarians need to grow up.

Misheard and thought it was *three* cheese.

One certainty; stay off those guy's lawns.

I took my boys to Costco on free sample day back when they were both teenagers. I think their ban is still in effect. Those things last seven years, right?

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