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August 25, 2018


Bikers  on I-95.

(Thanks to Jeff M.)


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In the E.R. we called people like the first guy, "donors". At least the guy in the second picture is sitting up straight and looks like he's paying attention to the road.
I had a religious experience on a motorcycle several years ago. My then boyfriend was a biker and I loved riding on the back. Then one day we got stuck between two 18 wheelers on I-77 in Charlotte during rush hour. I promised God if he let me live I'd never get on another one and I haven't.

I used to love motorcycles and owned five Harleys. I quit riding because of experiences like NC had. Just too much crazy traffic. This dude is a future Darwin contender.
I liked the pet crab pictures below the main article. But I am of the age when having crabs had an entirely different meaning.

Male bicyclist.
Wearing a thong.
Pedaling on I-95.

No matter what happened next, it's likely he's already taken himself out of the gene pool.

That's something you don't see everyday! Thank God!

I thought the double yellow line was for motorcycles?

At least the first dude looked good without his shirt and in his bike shorts, and Thong Man looked skeevy but not overly so. When I saw this posting, I was thinking semi-nude, hairy Chris Farley types, so I'm actually relieved that the rank stupidity was able to shine on through the beefcake on display.

But isn't "safety" and "i-95" antonyms?

Riding a bicycle without a helmet is very unwise.

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