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August 08, 2018


Man steals $300 worth of deodorant from grocery store

(Thanks to Snowman)


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I've been desperate but never that hungry.

Axe? Really, dude? Sad.

This crime makes no scents.

This dude just didn't grasp the "Axe and it shall be given to you" Bible verse.

What a big stinker!

Or else he was going to give out welcome back to class gifts for his junior high history class students.

Can I axe you a question? Eureka!

He must've succumbed to Dark Temptation.

Date night?

I hope his conviction sticks.

"Strong enough for a man....but made for a felon..."

Strong enough for a woman, but made for a moron?

It's not a Secret!

As a crime, this is the absolute pits.

(Insert Pittsburgh Steelers / bad smell joke here)

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