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August 18, 2018


Drunken and ‘unruly’ Tinkerbell and Bob the Builder removed from Ryanair flight by armed police

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, who assumes they were headed for Florida)


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Life is tough when you run out of Fairy dust and Peter has run off with that slut Wendy.

So true markhh. I'm pretty sure the same thing happened in the third book of the Peter and the Starcatchers series.

I thought Tinkerbell was always kinda unruly? Oh and thank goodness there were no picture attached to that story. I don't think my brain could have handled it his morning.

Tinkerbell and Bob the Builder getting drunk and unruly in Flathead County wouldn't have even attracted attention.

I feel as a regular contributor here I am obligated to give an occasional update regarding my immediate situation in case anyone detects I may be acting a little abnormal.

1. Driving to work this morning, a pickup truck had run through the living room of a home and all I could see was the tailgate sticking out where the front door used to be. Two police officers were climbing a ladder I assume to see if anyone had survived the minor fenderbender inside the house.

2. Oen of the assistants could not find a babysitter this morning. So she brought her seven month old baby with her to work today. That baby is laying cradle five feet from me in the back office making noises. My wife just said, "look at her, she is smiling at me." I'm afraid to look. I caught a peek earlier when the baby accidentally hit herself in the face with her toy. She almost cried. I turned away fearing taking the brunt of the blame for her crying. I have some yogurt. I bet she likes yogurt. I'll offer my yogurt if things get bad.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to keep them to yourself,

Why is Tinkerbell on a plane?

She must have been jacked up on pixie dust.

Without Tinker Bell, what holds the plane up ?

"Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell
Tinker all the way (to Krakow)
Oh, what fun is to fly
In a drunken state today"

Mr May also wrote on Twitter: "Our flight to Krakow hasn't taken off yet because a man dressed as Tinkerbell has threatened to cut everyone up.

I didn't know Tinkerbell was a man!

Is this what happens if you mix Red Bull and highballs? You don't fly and everyone hates your guts?

He was definitely a Stinkerbell...

"Drunken" you can measure but

"Unruly" is in the eye of the beholder

and it stings something awful.

Manual T - You wouldn't want life to get tedious.

Someone needs to say it:

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

--Dean Vernon Wormer (RIP)

Can we get drunk and disorderly? Yes, we can!

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