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August 28, 2018


Ooops. Apparently, one can.

(Thanks to Sorcha, who adds, "Love will find a way.")


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Wait. West Virginia has a rattlesnake limit? Who knew?

At least 42 inches long. Is this so that they can't hide in your toilet or under the hood of your car or in the attic or in the walls of the house? Just where do you keep a rattlesnake that is nearly 4 FEET long??? Maybe someone from Australia can help us with this...

Too bad D.C. doesn't have snake limits, or some Congress Critters would be outta a job!

"42" is the answer to everything.

Good to know there is at least one key difference between Maryland, where I live, and West Virginia. In West Virginia, people are only allowed to have one rattlesnake and it must be at least 42 inches or more in length. I'm pretty sure that possessing rattlesnakes, regardless of length, is not legal in Maryland where all snakes are considered protected species.

Might as well shred the Constitution.

Somebody had to say it.

Just to add to the horror, timber rattlesnakes genus/species is "crotalus horridus". Don't mess with them.

Game Warden--OK, Mr.Amon. Since you're new to these parts, we have rules. No rattlesnake pet under 42 inches long. Cobras and pythons, you can have all ya want if they're over 10 ft. All the others that ain't on our books are good, but they gotta be over six feet long.

Thoth Amon--Sure officer, absolutely no problem.

Should we release all our extra snakes in the Everglades?

There's a snake snitcher on the loose.

Fangs a lot.

In Florida you can have all the snakes you want, as long as you keep them in your house.

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