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August 24, 2018


But only because we also have failed to learn that just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

(Thanks to pretty much everyone.)


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I'm guessing Doug is not only single but still lives in his parents basement too. I hope they keep the door closed. Put a cork in it Doug!

This should make for impressive information in his digital job-interview portfolio.

Maybe he can get an endowment for the (f)arts.

Ok, I give; how do you film a fart?

Ms. Judi, for the love of God, don't ever learn that lesson.

How does one define this for an interview?

Strong soft skills: upbeat to a fault, loves to toot his own horn and whistle a happy tune.

That exit interview must have been a laugh riot.

I don't what so odd about this behavior.

Is this why a lot of people say hospitals have a "bad air" about them?

Now doing security for Terrance and Phillip.

He can always work security for a gas station.

Flori-duh, naturally.

Did they just shred his constitutional rights?


HE ripped them.

Millennials can't even fart to a tune. That stinks.

I'd give him the finger, but he'd just pull it...

There you have it.

This is why we haven't been contacted by aliens...

I mean, a boss who would COUNT them all before firing the dude.

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