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August 08, 2018


Wider Waistline Linked To Weaker Memory, Greater Cognitive Decline In Older Adults

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I just signed up for a 5K fun run so I could get the t-shirt so I could wear it at medical appointments where I am told I need to get more exercise.

It's not my fault if I forget to show up for the race.

I put in a new toilet and named it Jim. Now I can honestly tell people I visit the Jim every day.

Uh oh.

THIS is what happens when you add insects to your diet.

I decline to incriminate myself based on my waistline, as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. What was the question, again?

What were we talking about? Something about a grenade zucchini sex toy masturbating on a bicycle?

I just love all the comments you guys make here on what's-his-name's blog.

Hey, you kids, get off my ... um, er, you know!! The front of the house thing!!

I'll forget you said that.

The Homer Simpson example: "Where's that thing you use...to...dig....food?" Marge: "A spoon?". "Yes, that's it!"

If your scrotum grows to be 100 Lbs.,in addition to it's pronounced weaker memory the cognitive function of the junction has likely malfunctioned.

*snork* at Jim LePetomane

Beer is the answer. What was the question?

It also makes you cranky.

Wait! Dublin has scientists?

And next I suppose you'll be telling me Los Alamos has leprechauns?

[Well, they do.-the hypothetical editor.]

So that cheesecake isn't helping my memory ? Who da thunk it ?

If I can't remember where I put that five-pound tin of fudge brownies, is that a causal paradox?

Has our Dave forgotten to post today?

This is BS! I want to go on record that I have NEVER forgotten ANYTHING that I remember!

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