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August 01, 2018


Tourists in Midtown enjoyed free theater as a large man appearing to be an angry Uber driver picked up his supposed passenger and tossed him into a fountain outside the New York Hilton Midtown blocks from Central Park.

Advisory: Bad words.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Sometimes performance art is all wet

Are you sure he wasn;t with Lyft?

Apparently this was "a social media performance."

That's surprising, as this is the usual way I greet out of town tourists to New York.

If the big guy had tossed a bar of soap into the fountain along with the little dude, this incident would have made some sense.

It isn't the first time someone has been soaked by a taxi driver.

I'd be impressed if he'd went more Sonny Corleone on him.

Big Al says everyone should "fogged about it"!

Yes, sir, Big Al, whatever you say!

It sounds like an episode of Friends. "The one with the opening credits."

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