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August 01, 2018


A Customer Was Served Cod With a Worm — So Why Is the Restaurant Mad at Him?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Blame it on an active cod.

Snork and groan @ Ralph!

How much are worms per pound?

Harvest them from the fish and sell them as a delicacy.

Other people eating the dish were charged the same amount without the benefit of a worm. Sounds like a certain class action involving a quarter pounder with cheese

First the raw centipede, now this. WTFBBQ is going on at the FDA and the TFC and all the other F-agencies these days?

Pick a cod, any cod....

The customer likely ordered the cod with a centipede and the waiter messed up the order. The restaurant needed to remove the worm and reimburse him with a fresh raw centipede at no additional charge.

A cod, a worm and a centipede walk into a bar...

Was the worm in a whole cod? Or was it just in a codpiece?

The restaurant should give the live worm back to the fisherman who caught the cod. Maybe he can use it to catch another one.

Quiet, or everyone will want one.

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