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August 27, 2018


WHY is she punishing us?

(Thanks - ish - to Jim K.)


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Someone has now filmed an Octopus's fart?

This is too much! (Hippo fart video here)

Calamari! Lots of Calamari.

The inspiration for McCartney penning these cornerstone lyrics in rock history.

I was walking down the street the other day
Who did I meet?

I met a friend of mine and he did say
"Man, I can smell your feet a mile away."

Smile away, smile away, smile away, yeah smile away
Smile away, smile away, smile away, yeah smile away
Smile away, smile away, smile away, yeah smile away
Smile away, smile away, smile away, yeah smile away

Paul is dead.

I'm with Rintinglen--I fail to see how Mother Nature sending us all of that free calamari could be considered punishment.
And manual tomato is also right.

Paul is dead.

Colossal Rotting Squid opened for a rancid, steaming hot Streisand.

We're gonna need a lot more breading and dipping sauce...

Snork @ manual tomato.

Pass the brain bleach to remove the image of Rancid Streisand.

BS should get together with BM (Barry Manilow) for the vocals on "The All-New-and-Improved Sweatin' to the Oldies" with Richard Simmons.

Beached Cephalopods opened for Phish, i think. I paid extra to sit up close to the suckers on stage.

"The giant squid is the largest type of squid save for the colossal squid"
Where does the Ginormous Squid fit in there?

Ma Nature's been obsessed with trying to flood my basement lately. Maybe she just wanted me to provide storage space for Mr. Tentacles there.

I now am beginning to think this could be planned publicity for the soon to be released movie: "Squidnado!"

Mother Nature is punishing us because we wouldn't fork over $1500 a head to go to her wedding. It is not by accident that certain stories are posted in close proximity to one another.

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