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August 08, 2018


Berlin Airport evacuated after security staff mistake sex toy in a suitcase for a hand grenade

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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I saw Sex Toy in a Suitcase open for Bowie.

Jeff, perhaps the other way around? NTTAWWT

Definitely wouldn’t want to pull the pin on that thing with my teeth.

Confusing a grenade for a sex toy would be even worse.

Sex toys are supposed to get people excited. I would say this one did more than expected.

I saw Pleasure Device open for Blondie.

That explains the phrase "close only counts in horseshoes, sex toys, and hand grenades".

Either way, you get a good bang out of it.

This is why uou should NEVER ever use the colloquial expression "It's da bomb" in an airport!

I think what's done in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

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