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August 09, 2018


Florida Man, 24, Strips, Performs Erotic Dance Inside Japanese Steakhouse

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "And how did you like my Wagyu?")


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He threatened to fight her husband because he knew she would have kicked his butt.

Did he juggle chef knives as well?

Usually, one has to go to a Chuck E. Cheese to find this class of entertainment.

I think we can all agree that for once we are thankful there is no video.

The guy wearing the red dress holding the sign about being a bad fantasy football player finally made it FL.

Dinner and a show! Some places charge extra for that.

Never a Ginsu Knife around when you need one. (Climbs aboard Geezer Bus for remembering Ginsu Knives).

We had our office Holiday luncheon at that very place a few years ago. It wasn't nearly that exciting.

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