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August 18, 2018


Smartphone screens found to be more than three times dirtier than a toilet seat

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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So the point is; don't lick a toilet seat or your smartphone until it's sanitized. There is SO much 'information' on the Internet these days.

Another point is; don't borrow other people's smartphones.

I just checked mine and it's more filthy than a makeshift homeless shelter before the poop squad came through.

I just remembered Douglas Adams had an entire civilization wiped out due to unsanitized telephones. Maybe we should pay attention here.

So when you hear a fool in the next stall yapping on his/her phone, laugh.

There is truth in this as I've never seen Harvey Weinstein on my toilet seat but he seems to regularly show up on the news on my smartphone screen.

Pokemon doesn't lift the seat when he has to Go.

A 5*SNORK@ manual tomato for the best description of a dirty telephone in literature since Douglas Adams.

Butt-dialing must be more common than anyone realized.

Harkens back to the days when they were called cr@pcams.

Why is it everything is dirtier than a toilet seat? The toilet seat is obviously the cleanest place in the freakin' world.

Perfect for serving hors d oeuvres.

Horse eggs? Ew.

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