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August 01, 2018


Some passengers scurried for safety while others took videos on their cell phones as rappers Booba and Kaaris and their minders swung punches and lashed out with kicks and crashed through cosmetics stands in a duty-free shop, videos on social media showed.


(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Fabian Marson)


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French rapper Booba fight. I would be mad too if someone called me Booba.

Many onlookers farted in their general direction.

I think it was supposed to be "Boo Boo" as in Yogi and Boo Boo Bear. But that darn French accent messed gooogle up.


He might be a little slow, but I'd take him in a death match,

Jeff- Kharis was also a snappier dresser than Karris and also has better dance moves.

The next time these rapper fight I'm betting on Baba Ganoush.

Rap 'em slap 'em Boobots. I could kaar less.

Do you like Booba a lot?
You gotta like Booba a lot.

When one has no actual discernible talent, one has no choice but to rely on a ridiculous nickname and acting like a jackass in public for social media exposure.

'Booba' catches your attention more than 'Elie Yaffa'.

Snork @ Le Pet.

French rap?! Angels and ministers of grace defend us.

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