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August 08, 2018


Wake that ass up with the new caffeinated, watermelon booty oil.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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No thanks; I try to wake mine up every morning with a liberal application of pure caffeine into my mouth area.

It's "'phthalates'-free." Looks like onomatopoeia. Does that mean we don't get to hear the booty spitting out the seeds?

Is "Anese" short for some other word starting with "an?"

Who are you calling a donkey, jackass?

Wait, this isn't the farm report, is it?

So coffee enema is out of fashion now? Asking for a friend.

Doctors in the 1800's used to give smoke enemas to patients to perk up their energy. It also was the first recorded incident of the medical establishment blowing smoke up peoples asses.

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