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August 23, 2018


Super snakes.


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"outbreeding depression" sounds like a description of my love life...

I am proud to be a born and bred Floridian. As a child we had rather "ho-hum" animals like raccoons, possums and the occasional bear, along with rattlers and gators. But now, we are in the "big time" with 10 foot (and bigger) pythons. I'd like to see any of the other 49 states (and the District of Columbia) top that.

If any of these snakes make it to Roswell, New Mexico, it could mean the end of civilization as we know it!
I believe Thulsa Doom got his snakes here.

Key quote:
While the vast majority appeared to be closely related Burmese pythons — imagine a family reunion packed with first and second cousins —

Yep, I'm pretty sure that Burmese pythons would be offended at the comparison to my family members.

I was impressed with the picture of the 3 Gators researchers laid out in a row. Makes you wonder what their parties would be like.

This man clearly has a death wish.

Scientists call it hybrid vigor. I call it scary.

Will they be wearing Super "capes"?

Just asking....

@MOTW--In Texas they call it: "Hold my beer and watch this." 'Hybrid Vigor' wouldn't look good as an epitaph on a Texas tombstone.

Theory: During continental drift, Florida detached from Australia, which it was originally intended to be part of.

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