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August 24, 2018


Although Paddy O'Reilly and the Penguin Erectors WBAGNFARB.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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That one penguin looks like he's had a little too much to drink.

Penguin erector? Isn't that what female penguins are supposed to do?

I believe the official job title is "Penguin Fluffer."

Didn't they open for Sheena Easton?

Damn it! And, I'd already sent them my resume!

It would be sad when a penguin loses his erection. But there is a pill for that.

Put your 4 year English literature degree to work for you.

Snork @ Jeff Meyerson!

I can imagine them also opening for Gloria Estevan, and recreating the Conga line dance as the music plan!

But someone a depraved individual would file a lawsuit for cultural misappropriation or something like that!

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