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August 31, 2018


“I make giant bongs,” he said. “They are my voice to make noise in the world.”

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Mark Schlesinger, and Bill Hudgins)


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I wonder what Freud would say about this ?

I wonder what Tommy Chong would say about it?

I made a 5' bong in my youth. You had to stick your big toe in the carburetor.

Oh, and if you know what I'm talking about, shame on you.

I don't think they use carburetors in bongs anymore Vaporsmith. I think they all use computerized bong injection.

Vaporsmith, is that what we called the shotgun?

His parents must be so proud.

Jason Harris ==>
Rhino a$$ jar
His arson jar
No ash jar, sir

Somewhere in the world, someone's life is fulfilled by building a 7' tall garlic press.

I knew a guy who made a bong out of a 40MM shell casing. Not the projectile, just the brass casing.

Make a joyful noise, dude...oh, and pass the industrial-sized bag of Doritos my way, will ya?

"Sensory Tsunami" - - bit much for a pot-head? Good thing there's a Denny's; they will need a safe haven.

Off topic, but I would like to point out that since judi has been covering the blog in Dave's absence, she has not had to fire herself even once. Attagirl judi!!!

Noisy Bongs opened for Cigarettes After Sex.

That was unofficially where McCartney got the idea for

"High High High".

After all these years we learn why The Jolly Green Giant is so jolly.

Dave's not here, man!

For those not familiar with the above reference, please visit: Who is it, man?"

Saw Gracie Slick and the Giant Bongs play at the old Veterans Stadium in Philly in early 70's.

Hellava show.

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