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August 31, 2018


Snakes all up in her grill.

(Thanks to Ralph K. and Jeff Meyerson)


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Its Australia - She's been bitten by worse.

As nursecindy pointed out when I sent this to her:

Way to hold that plastic bin cover while Nanna does the work and wrestles the pythons, dude.

Grandmas. Don't mess with them.

She's done this before. Bring them a shrubbery.

And clean your grill, so the food doesn't attract rodents, which attract snakes.

In some places, granny would have just turned the grill on and started planning a different menu.

And, stay off her lawn, mate!

So true Jeff. The guy with the lid looked like a real weenie.

"Snakes In A Box" a new gift idea from The Australian branch of Amazon?

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