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August 30, 2018


The Lieberman family...spotted the monitor in their backyard a few days ago strolling about and flicking its tongue...

(Thanks to Michael Parry and our colleague Howard Cohen)


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According to Martin County Trappings & Removals, a six-foot Nile monitor or an Asian monitor is driving a Davie family nuts.

No matter which species it is — definitely looks like a widescreen monitor.
Also, that line appears to contain a pirate joke.

Are the Davies Austrailian?

A string of fireworks will solve everything. Thank you. There is no charge for the advice.

I had a 5' long Nile Monitor as a pet. All it wanted to do was find a sunny spot on the floor to sit. It would flail around and scratch me when I put it back in its cage, but it never tried to bite me - humans are not its prey, including children. Yes it's a danger to small pets, but it's mostly an ambush predator. Don't walk your lap dog through heavy brush. And don't let your kids try to pet wild animals. They defend themselves.

Martin County officials are continuing to monitor the situation...

Lieberman Kids: What I Did This Summer

I reached top level on video games because a monitor lizard wouldn't let me play in my own swimming pool. Nyah!

I always thought a Nile Monitor was some guy who directed boat traffic on that river.

I've been trying to remember, were hall monitors named after Nile monitors, or was it the other way around?

So who's gonna Monitor the Monitor?

(I think we had this problem with Homeland security before.)

Don't all IT wonks brag about the size of their monitor?

Interesting fact:
The Nile Monitor is related to the Nile Merrimack.

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