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August 08, 2018


Woman shoots masturbating bicyclist trying to break into her SE Houston home, police say

(Thanks to Bigfan)


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Masturbating bicyclist home break-ins are on the rise.

Didn't they open for Fecal Time Bomb?

It's tough being a masturbating bicyclist in Texas.

Heard shortly before the incident:
"There's no BASEMENT in the ALAMO!"
(ensuing laughter)

that guy can masturbate, ride a bike, and break and enter at the same time? talk about multitasking. put him on American's Got Talent.

Jeff Meyerson sent me the Washington Post version of this article earlier today. They kept calling the woman Granny. I told Jeff not only would I have shot the guy on the bike but I also would have shot the reporter who kept calling me Granny.

Award her the robot arm flamethrower.

What Chet said. Also, Cindy, if they were naming her after Granny Clampett she should be honored--Granny was a deadeye shot!

@Allen - especially a few doses for rheumatism medicine.

It would be more impressive if he masturbated while riding a unicycle.

She, um whacked him?

Penalty flag thrown at PB. I personally blame our educational system. Wasn't this covered in sex-ed ?

Masturgating Bicyclics WBAGNFARG (with it isn't already taken)

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