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August 28, 2018


...has nothing on this person.

(Thanks to the viral nature of the internet, Steve K. and Ron G.)


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I asked all my friends to contribute to my alimony. None of them ponied up!

"I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day."

Well, she certainly behaved like a big @ss to her family and friends, so I'm thinking she reached her goal even without the wedding.

"I mean, how could we have the wedding we dreamed of without proper funding?"

Good question, Susan!

When I read this (and also, read the Daily Mail link) I thought, "Nah, this has to be made up, right?"

But for the moment, it certainly appears to be real (as real as Susan is). If only she had invited Dave's bloggers, I'm sure nursecindy would have started a GoFundMe page for her, right? Right, Cindy?

If she threw her engagement ring at the groom I hope the groom snatched it faster than a cane toad can catch a bug.

I'm surprised she wasn't asking for more. I mean how many friends could she really have?

Every friend, family member, acquaintance, and her former (I hope) fiancé should be thankful for this clear view of her character.

Some women and I'm sure some guys, never look better than when you see them in your rear view mirror.

This lady needs a good old-fashioned *smack* from nursecindy.


This needs to be on the BIG SCREEN!

It just needs a catchy title and I'm sure that this crew can come up with suggestions.

I'll offer 2 for a start:

"Four Funerals and a Susan Wedding"

"My Big Fat GREED Wedding"

Next in line!

"Speechless in Seattle"

Princess Susan just got demoted!

"Your dream wedding will always be a dream!" The wicked witch cackled, laughing like she had just watched the farting hippo. Oh, by the way, I think that was her bridesmaid, not a real witch.

Some people have no sense of reality. Or much sense period.

I wasn't invited or else I would have contributed.

I'm guessing the eight who RSVP'd did not read the whole invitation.

They did not read the terms and conditions.

I think Steve is right.

"Hi, you look great."

"Did you bring the $1,500?"


Jeff I might start a Go Fund Me page to help her get some psychiatric help. I hate going to weddings so there's no way I'd go to one that charged me a $1500 entrance fee. I think the groom dodged a bullet by not marrying her.

"Suddenly Losin'"
"Steal Magnolias"
"Bother of the Bride"
"The Princess Snide"

.. next ..

The Bride of Bankenstein

Assuming her MoH coughed up $5000 and her ex's family (is that her finance's family? or someone else?) gave $3000, that leaves $52000 to be raised. Divided by $1500, I deduce that she had 34 and 2/3 friends. Not much for a world-class party.

"No Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

In my much younger years I dated a girl like Susan. Then I joined the Army and I was right. Drill sergeants were much nicer and more pleasant to be around than Susie.

Run for the hills, Mr. Groom!
How much would she charge for baby shower entrance?
Full college tuition, or no entry for you!

Hey Grroom this is your chnce to run away from this horrid woman, but it sounds like you are a wimp.

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