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August 09, 2018


Massive python slithers up Australian man's home in shocking video

(Thanks to elseabs)


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There's nothing shocking about it. It's a carpet python, which eats rats on or under the roof. They're non-venomous, and welcome attic guests in northern Queensland; the rats are not.

As the home owner says, "“He just hangs out. He comes out and sees me when I’m working in the shed,” he said. “I don’t trouble him and he doesn’t trouble me.”

Next time offer him (or her) a beer.

Reminds me of a Realtor sizing up my last home.

When we lived on the ranch we had a very large bull snake living around the house and it would sometimes crawl up the stucco wall like this one did. We liked that snake. It effectively kept away Jehovah's Witnesses and vacuum cleaner salesmen.

Great - we have bull snakes around, too, but until now I had no idea that they could climb walls!

Nobody in Australia would be shocked by seeing a massive snake. I bet they would be surprised if they saw a squirrel.

Maybe it could take a vacation in the Everglades

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