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August 28, 2018


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, Le Petomane, Bill, Ralph, Dave, r and Mary)


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Doesn't this dolphin know about a dinner and a movie ?

Hey, at least he's not filling a bathtub with potatoes while wearing lacy man-bras.

Can't quite squeeze the lemons into this comment.

I once knew a Pakastani student named Zafar. He also was sexually frustrated, but never attacked women. He also never stuck his nose where it did not belong. Seems he had better manners than a dolphin.

Didn't they open for The Mothers of Invention?

The only French he knows is 'May We?'

One of my husbands used to do that. Didn't work for him either.

“…frequent recreational sex …” sounds like the 70s in a nutshell.

Poor Zafar. He's probably just tired of sitting home night after night all alone, watching old episodes of Hogan's Heroes while knitting another sweater. A friend told me that's what she does.

Would it help if I farted in his general direction?

France on High Alert

"Ladies, you know what they say about the size of a dorsal fin. Oh yeah..!!"

Well, they ARE swimming in the Bay of Brest.

"has been scaring tourists and locals by approaching them and trying to rub up against them"
In Washington we call them lawyers.

@MOTW---This case may require the Full Monty Python.

"I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a whale and your father was a smelt."

Or something like that.

Heh heh heh heh....he has a blowhole. Heh heh.

Takes the notion of "dolphin encounters" to a whole new (scary) level.

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