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August 01, 2018


Obese Tourists Crippling Donkeys On Greek Island, Activists Claim

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Next these obese tourists will be sitting up homeless camps in their ongoing effort to take over the country.

"“Locals have even started breeding their donkeys with stronger mules so it is easier for them to carry fatter tourists,” according to a report in The Mirror."

Uh, Animal Husbandry is not my special field of expertise, but I grew up working with horses and mules on a ranch, and I know enough to advise the reporter that you can't breed mules to anything. They're sterile hybrids. I think the reporter meant to say, "breeding donkeys to MARES", which will result in a mule....

The clever headline on one site was "American Asses Crippling Greek Asses".

Instead of donkeys, they should be using lard asses.

I saw them open for Meat Loaf at FatFest '15.

Tasty show.

Just weigh them before mounting. That should cut out most of the large ones. (And yes I fall into that category).

This is just the kind of hard hitting news story we need to keep the American public in the know about the important issues of the day.

Obese American tourists are becoming a pain to the ass.

LeDud, I like that idea and they could put some kind of
signage on the donkeys: 225 LB LIMIT

I was in Santorini a couple of months ago. I didn't see any donkeys at all. Everybody was hauled up the steep cliff in a motor vehicle. What I did see was a sign "It is strictly forbidden to take pictures of school children". Also the English bookstore has a Rent-a-cat facility but no cats at present.

Actually, they do that at the Grand Canyon. If you weigh over 200 pounds (I think - it's been a while) you are considered too heavy for the poor donkeys to carry you down to the bottom and back up.

Just checked. It is 200 or 220 pound limit depending on the length of the ride.

Donkeys in Santorini will reportedly have their hours of work monitored, more shade provided, and more food and water given during breaks. According to The Kansas City Star, Greek officials did not address the issue of “fatter tourists” in the new safety measures for donkeys.

Prompting the donkeys to strike and head to Dave's House in hopes of beating the rush hour traffic and getting those nifty FDLs!

They had some photographs of the sores and saddle galls on the donkeys. I've never seen worse in my life.

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