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August 16, 2018


This Woman Lost Her Contact Lens. Doctors Found It in Her Eyelid 28 Years Later.

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "It's always the last place you look.")


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Le Petomane is on a roll!

She blinked, she missed it.

That’s a long time to look.

It's always right before your eyes.

I tried contacts once and one of them rolled back into my brain (*) in the Doctor's office, and it took him about 30 minutes to recover it, and that's why I wear stupid looking glasses.

Later, the doctors also found Waldo.

If I put contacts in and then put my glasses on too, I can, for a split-second, see the future. Unfortunately, my reflexes are too slow to take advantage of it.

Don't get smugglers any ideas! (Ie using huge eyelids to hide stuff...)

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