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August 11, 2018


France and Belgium lock horns over who invented 'French' fries

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Key quote:
“If frites would have been French, which they are not, there would be an international museum of frites in Paris, which there is not.”

If we use that standard, Chicago comes out on top for pizza

Actually, England can stake a claim to the title.
What with Fryer Tuck and all.

I'm shocked that France hasn't surrendered to Belgium long before it got this far.

WE fart on your frites!

I thought an Irish guy named McDonald invented them.

French and Belgium women have every right to call their men disgusting $ickheads.

Great quote: Nobody invented water but someone invented the spa.

Can I get an 'Amen' from the people? Let me hear ya!

Word "spa" is actually taken from the Belgian city Spa, which was famed for its "healing waters" since Roman times. In the XIX century all European aristocracy were coming there and contributed to its names' popularity.

Yes, I am fun at the parties.

Well, who invented Belgian waffles?

Qaz, I would love to visit with you at a party.

Burt: what about Belgian waffle fries? (eGad)

In this hemisphere we're still locked in legal controversy over who invented the Mexican Hat Dance.

Vote for Pedro.

It was Texas: "Fletcher told the reporter the sandwich [hamburger] was his idea, but said he learned to cook the potatoes that way from a friend in Paris, Texas. Apparently the reporter thought Fletcher meant Paris, France, and reported that the hamburger was served with wonderful 'french-fried potatoes.' The name stuck, and history has forever given the wrong Paris the credit for french fries."


The link about Paris, TX seems to be a victim of word wrap above, here's another shot:


@MOTW - I need a large sign reading "Old Coot Giving Advice", and in a smaller letters "It is probably bad advice, but it is FREE!"

Mr. McDonald may have learned his fries' recipe from the Belgians -- original McDonald's fries werefried in beef fat until the food police forced a change.

Belgians are fictional people, like elves and or Eskimos.

I heartily endorse Walloon Fries.

The United Nations:

Still bringing nations to the table and still arguing over who pays for the "french" fries.

-Qaz- I have sign that says:
"Advice is free - Good advice will cost ya".
"Directions = free
Correct direction = $5.00"

No contest here... I was a resident of Belgium at an early age and had this drilled into my head. Even though it is not quite breakfast time here I now really want a cone of real (i.e. Belgian) frites... with real mayo and the tiny plastic fork.

Mon Dew!!!!!

Call Out Le Amry!!! No wait they have already surrendered.

Call out LE Poodles.

Where is the Neville Chamberlain of our age who can assure us of peace for our time?

The "Fries Conflict" must be resolved!

And Canadians invented poutine. It is an abomination that even 90% of Canadians would not eat. I do like melted cheese on my fries though.

I can only assume that the French Army preemptively surrendered?

Who invented Bejgium waffles?
Nill Brussels. Actually, here's the story.

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