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July 31, 2018


3 injured after rollover on Ashley St. in Granby caused by spider

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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About a month ago I had a wasp fly through my car window and land on my glasses. I calmly pulled the car over, shooed the wasp out the window and then went about my business. Of course the three cars I hit didn't fare as well but there is no reason to go nuts in a situation like this.

Now if you found a spider in your car in Australia, this response would be totally justified.

This does happen in Australia, when they swerve to miss giant ones in the road.

"An itsy, bitsy, spider came thru the car window....". These just write themselves.

As a man, I could totally understand this kind of crash if the distraction had been a scantily clad and nubile female.

Charlotte? Have you been carousing again?

My wife and daughters could easily become involved in a situation like this. Their reactions to arachnids are extreme.
I, on the other hand, merely scream like a girl and attempt to flee.

Totally justified. I would have simply jumped out of the car while it was running.

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