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July 26, 2018


A naked man who police found doing jumping jacks in the women’s bathroom of a McDonald’s in Tennessee was arrested Monday on public indecency, trespass, and public intoxication charges.

(Thanks to Le Petomane and funny man)


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He's apparently not just an ordinary clown.

This happens far too often. I'm surprised it's even newsworthy anymore.

I agree with Dave. You can't do naked jumping jacks at McDonald's, work out naked at Planet Fitness, shave your legs at public swimming pools, or have a decent fist fight at Chuck E. Cheese without the police sticking their noses into it and arresting you. The terrorists have truly won.

Frustrated orchestra conductor

Restaurant management reported the man had "been there all day."

At a Chuck E. Cheese this dude would have been considered entertainment, but at a McDonald's?

He was not just naked. He “was indeed naked”

"Frustrated orchestra conductor"
Must have been having a little baton dysfunction?
There are medications for that--just remember--if your symphony lasts more than four hours, see your doctor.

I would not want to do jumping jacks while naked. Especially during the summer. Might get a black eye!

I live in a suburb of Nashville. I wonder why this didn't get extensive local media coverage?

A 5* groan @ Rudolph.

I remember hearing about a woman doing the same thing, only it was at Jack 'n' the Box.

They have a "judgement free zone" at Burger King where he can have it his way.

Well, not every McDonald's has a "Play Area", so where was he SUPPOSED to go?...Hmm?!
He among you, cast the first McNugget...

Huffin' in the Girls Room.

Semi-serious comment: that is one of the oddest mug shots. He almost looks like a statue.

@MOTW - I think he looks suspiciously like Ronald, what with the red hair and all.

wonders what nursecindy would say

He should've gone to Starbucks instead... they'll let anyone use their bathrooms.

Follow the bouncing ball...

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