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July 09, 2018


You want fries with that?

(Thanks to The Perts, Matt Filar, and Jay Brandes)


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No, but a self-embalmed Twinkie would do.

it has basically petrified and preserved its hot off the grill looks.

The same could be said of some celebrities, IYKWIM.

Ronald's holding up pretty well too.

In small towns in places like Flathead County you can find foodstuffs on shelves where the expiration date is written in Roman numerals.

@ Le Petomane- We have food on the shelves here that have expiration expiration dates that were chiseled on stone tablets.

Worst is an expiration date with a two-digit year, as you're not sure which century they mean.

You deserve to break today......

If it's anything like our local McD's, it might take six years just to get your order.

The likely buyer is gonna keep it in storage, then resell it when it becomes a teenager.

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