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July 02, 2018


They definitely have food over here.


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Cheese it?

Have they found the larger version of the Mona Lisa yet?

Probably can't find a good Cuban Sandwich in the entire country.

Perhaps while there you can introduce them to the new Florida trend of consuming iguanas.


If you come across the Underground Resistance look for Vic Morrow and Rick Jason and tell them the 'tomato'sent you.

*Don't* make Olive Garden jokes while you're checking out the food. I still remember from 30 years ago when I visited a close friend of Italian descent at his home for dinner. I tasted the sauce and made a joke about how it tasted as good as Chef Boyardee. His mother cracked me across the backside with a wooden spoon she was holding. I couldn't sit down for a week.

When in a foreign country always order Chinese, IMHO.

Pizza Hut on every street corner?

AND for GAWD'S SAKE don't tell them that spaghetti was invented by the Chinese.

Do they have beverages?

It isn’t like sending a child to college where you have to pack 5 years of food and consumables for your child?

I have an unreliable friend who said he once vacationed in Zitaly. He claims the bars there serve good food and have some outdoor tables where you can see historical places while drinking local beverages. He says the next time he goes to Zitaly he might leave the bars and go see some of those places.

I was told that while I was in Milan to be sure and order pizza. I did. Different from what I know here, but very good.

Have a wonderful time.

When in Rome, do as the Borgias.

Try the zlasagna

If ou go to Venice, drive on the right side...no wait

Be sure to ask for American food, i.e. pizza, Coca Cola with ice. Don't forget to tell your hosts how to drive.

Happy birthday!

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